Online Wedding Invitation


Online Wedding Invitation

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💜An Invitation

A unique, simple and handy form of an invitation to your wedding.

When you don’t have the time or budget to reach your guests in person, or when you want to minimize your involvement in answering calls and sending church or venue locations. Or when you like the online form and want to have your own website about you and your party!

Take advantage of our offer, which will make the wedding preparations easier for you.




Date, time, direction, details of the Bride and Groom. This is the information guests need to plan their arrival at your wedding. Instead of answering another phone call or replying to a message – guests will have a link to a page where they will find this information.

Do you prefer to receive dog food or wine instead of flowers? This information can also be found on your Online Invitation! You can also attach a gift list and update it anytime.



💜 Online RSVP

Your guests will complete only a simple form at the bottom of the page, and you will receive a confirmation of their presence along with the details of the accompanying persons. At the same time you avoid several attempts to contact guests to confirm their presence and any possible typos on vignettes or preparing unnamed seats, which can be offensive.

Guests can also indicate whether they have special dietary recommendations or additional information to provide to the Bride and Groom (e.g. request for early check-in at the hotel).

The above elements are completely taken off your hands – the information goes to your e-mail address directly from the submitted form.





The price of EUR 19 is fixed regardless of the number of invited guests. You get a link for unlimited use at this price.


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